Xiao’s 4th Travel Report

28/5 – 29/5, Kathmandu

Hello dear friend. Yesterday Fatima and I stopped by a Thanka painting shop. It’s interesting for me because i am used to drawing Mandalas which are often found in Thanka paintings.
I am so fascinated by this kind of artwork.
This man is a master in painting Thanka paintings, he has been painting Thanka for over 10 years. He explained for us the meaning behind the painting.
Amazing work with endless details which were painted by yak hair.
The three animals in the circle – pigg, rooster and snake represent ignorance, desire and anger which are supposed to be overcame by human to get the inner peace.
According to the master painter, this is a non-profit organizations, the proceeds from the sale of paintings will be used in the subject of Thanka painting courses.
He was so happy about our interest in these Nepali snacks. I think when I visit a place, i should also taste it.
And it tastes very good.
There came a French girl Caroline who shares room with us for 2 nights. She loves embroidery and showed me her work – Buddha Eyes. She has been in Nepal for 3 month and was about to leave for Europe. It was so interesting to hear about her experience in Nepal with Fabric workshop visiting, yoga course, trekking tour and much more…
She said she would practice yoga on the rooftop this morning. I’m so thankful that i might join her. So at 5:30 this morning, 3 girls from three nationalities, France, Iran and China, shared a magical moment together.
Later on, Caroline left the hostel to catch her flight towards France. And the Iranian girl (forgot her name just now) and I spent a wonderful time together on the rooftop and changed our life stories and ideas. She had gone through a lot to become the person she is today. I have my deepest respect for her to have the courage to overcome all the repression and prejudice from her society and family and follow her heart’s way. She wants to share her story with more people in her country to help them live out their freedom.🙏🏼❤️🌱✨🌌
Then I drew my first little Mandala since I got here. Thanks for all the meetings I have had.

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Xiao’s 3th Travel Report

26/5 – 27/5, Kathmandu

Hello dear friend. I was surprised to find out that Kathmandu in the early morning has a totally different temperament from daytime.
📍Roof terrace of hostel. 4:53AM
So I decided to take a walk.
And some are already on their way, just to earn a living.
I feel sorry to offend him by taking photo…
I was wondering why they are selling these flower rings everywhere in the early morning.
Then I realized that these was a ongoing religious service being held by Hindus. And it happens every Saturday.
Pigeons are respected in Hinduism and it is part of the ritual to throw food to them.
There seems to be a market in the square at the same time.
It seems that any means of transport will appear in any place or occasion in Nepal. Kind of cute in some way.
It was getting light slowly. I then walked towards the hostel again. It felt like i had met Kathmandu personally this morning.
Some people were gathering on a small passage, I was curious.
They are maybe waiting for a delicious breakfast.
Then the guy who owns a barber shop nearby the hostel insisted on trimming my eyebrows…
I’m never used to do that, but okej, the result looks not so bad though.
In the afternoon I get my new roommate, Fatima from Morocco. She is as lovely as my last roommate. We are vibing so well with each other directly.
She suggested we visit the Monkey temple.
After climbing many steps, we are finnaly there.
And then it suddenly rained. Everyone ran in all directions and hided under the roofs.
When the rain got lighter, we headed towards the hostel. To be honest, this tourist attraction is not attracting for me at all. But we got see a nice view from above, and we had fun together.

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Xiao’s 2th Travel Report

24/5 – 26/5, Kathmandu

Hello dear friend. On my very first day in Kathmandu did i already get a kind friend Sneha. She is from Nepal and stay at the same room as me, but only for a few days.
Sneha showed me the Durbar Square in the evening, there were many different religious rituals being performed, but I was too tired to even enjoy it.
Then we took a walk through the city.
Got some dinner. Yummy.
Then, I relaxed…
The next day was a rainy day.
Sneha and I ate Nepali food. I choose to eat vegetarian food in nepal because i just don’t feel for meat. And it was delicious, even though it dose’t look specially tasty. (The black sauce is curry mixed with some condiment in black.)
Then, I relaxed…
Another day. I forgot to mention that I have a really poor sense of direction and I got lost twice already on my first day there. Thanks to the offline map that Frank found for me, I was able to relax and walk around the streets.
Nepal’s electrical wiring system is a mystery.
Most Nepalese are Hindu and believe that the runes on their doors bring good luck.
Hindu statues everywhere.
Sneha is going to left the hostel. Before she goes, she wants me to make her a braided twist.
Nice to meet you Sneha.🙏🏼❤️

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Xiao’s 1th Travel Report

23/5 – 24/5, flights to Kathmandu

Hello dear friends, with all the lovely wishes from you I startade my trip. Taking farewell was tearful, but hopeful and heartful too.
📍Stuttgart airport, 23/5
🇩🇪 Hallo liebe Freunde, mit all den lieben Wünschen von euch habe ich meine Reise angetreten. Der Abschied war tränenreich, aber auch hoffnungsvoll und voller Herz.
On the way I had to change planes to three countries, Austria, Saudi Arabia and Dubai.
📍Wien airport shuttle bus
🇩🇪 Auf dem Weg dorthin musste ich in drei Ländern das Flugzeug wechseln: Österreich, Saudi-Arabien und Dubai.
Above the clouds, I was listening to a song, it says, „You are forever pure, You are forever true, and the dream of this world can never touch you. So give up your attachment, and give up your confusion, and fly to that space, that’s beyond all illusion…“
📍Dammam Airport, Saudi arabian
Areas that appear to have been abandoned by humans. In front of nuture, human beings are less capable than desirable. Gottseidank.
A syrien friend I made in airplane.
📍Shajha airport, Dubai, 24/5
He wrote on my diary book, „A coincidental encounter is better than thousand meeting.“
📍Above Kanthmandu
📍Kanthmandu airport
On the way to my hostel. Got picked up by the driver from hostel
After a long journey of 23 hours, I finally arrived in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, exhausted but happy
📍Restup Hostel, Kanthmandu
On the rooftop of hostel.
It will be a good rest place here. I do not have any plan for the time here, just go with the flow and see what will happen to me.
Namaste. 🙏🏼❤️

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Ein- und Aussichten Ent-TÄUSCHUNG

Interview mit Maria Sacharowa – klug, offen und couragiert

Hier die wichtigsten Ausschnitte des am 12. Mai 2023 vom in St. Petersburg lebenden investigativen Journalisten Thomas Röper veröffentlichten Interviews mit der Sprecherin des russischen Außenministers.

Die Eliten der EU verraten ihre eigenen Völker!
Dem Westen glaubt doch niemand mehr!
Über den größten Fehler, den Scholz in seinem Leben gemacht hat

Ein- und Aussichten

L(i)eben und sterben verstehen

Silke & Götz l(i)eben es uns vor 😍

💜lichen Dank für Eure wundernvollen (letzten) Worte vor Götz’s Tod und Euer liebevolles Dankeslied im Anschluß 🙏

Silke und Götz’s homepage „Cosmotivation“

Götz’s Youtube-Kanal „Neue Horizonte TV“

Worte die nun auch von Götz an uns sein könnten
Ein- und Aussichten Natur-lich

Lappland Postkarten/Picturecards/Vykort

von/by/av Frank Maria Stiefel (LappeSchlappe)
16 Postkarten/Picturecards/Vykort
32 Postkarten/Picturecards/Vykort

Ein- und Aussichten Natur-lich

32 Postkarten/Picturecards/Vykort

von/by/av Frank Maria Stiefel
Kontrasternas naturrike
Naturreich der Kontraste
Kingdom of nature full of contrasts
Snö och is smyckar urskogen
Schnee und Eis schmücken den Urwald
Snow and ice adorn the primeval forest
Midnatt vid lägerelden
Mitternacht am Lagerfeuer
Midnight at the camp fire
Snöskotur längs vildälven
Schneeschuhtour am Wildfluss entlang
Snowshoeing along the wild river
Idylliskt inramad bebyggelse – sedan 1704
Idyllisch eingebettete Siedlung – seit 1704
Settlement with idyllic framework – since 1704
Midvinter – kl.14.00, solnedgång, minus 30°C
Mittwinter – 14 Uhr, Sonnenuntergang, minus 30°C
Midwinter – 2.00 pm, sunset, minus 30°C
Sarvslakt i september
Rentierbullen-Schlachtung im September
Reindeer slaughtering in September
Snömassorna erfordrar all energi
Die Schneemassen erfordern alle Energie
The snow mass is devoting all ones energies
På morgonen, kl. 02.00 – solen lockar till sjön
Morgens um zwei – die Sonne lockt auf den See
2.00 am – the sun lures to the lake
Hunderna drar mot nattlägret
Die Huskies ziehen zum Nachtlager
Huskies pulling towards the nightcamp
En kort sommar tar ett grandiost avsked
Grandioser Abschied eines kurzen Sommers
A short summer takes a superb farewell
Julpanorama omkring lunchtid
Weihnachtspanorama in der Mittagszeit
Christmas-panorama around midday
På Kungsleden genom jättegammal björkskog
Auf dem Königswanderpfad durch Urbirkenwald
On Kungsleden across very ancient birch-grove
Skidtur i den redan starka februarisolen
Skitour in der schon starken Februarsonne
Skiing in an already bright February sun
Midsommar midnatt
Mittsommer – Mitternacht
Midsummer midnight
„aurora borealis“ Norrsken – när polarhimmlen trollar
Nordlicht – wenn der Polarhimmel zaubert
Northern lights – when the polar sky performs magic
Renkalvmärkning under midnatt efter midsommar
Rentierkälbermarkierung während Mitternacht nach Mittsommer
Reindeer calfmarking during midnight after midsummer
På väg med tamrenen
Unterwegs mit dem gezähmten Rentier
On the way with a tame reindeer
När himmel och vatten förenas
Wenn Himmel und Wasser sich vereinen
When sky and water come together
På upptäcksresa med teknisk hjälp
Auf Entdeckungsreise mit technischer Hilfe
On expedition of discovery with technical help
Utsikt över Europas sista vildmark
Blick über Europas letzte Wildnis
View across the last european wilderness
Vinterkonst ovan trädgränsen
Winterkunst oberhalb der Baumgrenze
Winter art in the treeless mountainarea
Vandringstur i högfjällens glaciärmassiv
Wandertour im Hochgebirgs-Gletschermassiv
Hiking in the high-mountain glacier
Sparkutflykt över sjön när solen står som högst
12 Uhr Mittag, Tretschlittenausflug über´n See
High-noon, excursion across the lake
Vem tämjer egentligen vem
Wer zähmt hier eigentlich wen
So at last who tames whom
Samisk kultur i den traditionella tältkåtan
Samische Kultur in der traditionellen Zeltkote
Samish culture in a traditional tent
Ljudlös genom myrmark under vårvintern
Lautlos durch`s Moor im Frühlingswinter
Noiseless through the bog in spring-winter
Ljust dygnet runt – vem vill sova då?
Hell rund um die Uhr – wer will da schlafen
Bright around the clock – who wants to sleep
Fantastiskt och hemlighetsfullt – norrsken
Fantastisch und geheimnisvoll – Nordlicht
Fantastic and mysterious – northern lights
Sommarens skådespel – midnattssol
Schauspiel des Sommers – Mitternachtssonne
Spectacle of the summer – midnightsun
Snöskulptur – visstids konst
Schneeskulptur – Kunst auf Zeit
Snowsculpture – fading art
Nedgångna solen färgar samhället
Die untergegangene Sonne färbt den Ort
Sunset colors the town
Ein- und Aussichten Natur-lich

16 Postkarten/Picturecards/Vykort

von/by/av Frank Maria Stiefel
Lappland äventyr – helt individuell upplevelse i en fascinerande natur och kultur
Lapland adventure – absolutely individual experience in fascinating nature and culture
Abenteuer Lappland – ganz individuelles Erlebnis in faszinierender Natur und Kultur
Älgvarning – av „skogens konung“ finns det 15.000 i svenska Lappland
Moose warning – there are 15.000 „King of the Woods“ in Swedish-Lapland
Elchwarnung – vom „König des Waldes“ gibt es 15.000 in Schwedisch-Lappland
Norrsken – fantastiskt och mystiskt, solvinden trollar på natthimmlen
Northern lights – fantastic and mysterious, the solar winds magics the night sky
Nordlicht – fantastisch und mystisch, der Sonnenwind zaubert am Nachthimmel
Midvinterstämning – den lågt vandrande solen förtrollar tiden mitt på dagen
Midwinter mood – the low travelling sun puts a spell on the time arround noon
Mittwinterstimmung – die flachwanderne Sonne verzaubert die Zeit um Mittag
Samisk kultur – naturbefolkningens traditionsbevarande i nutidsandan
Sami culture – population of nature preserves tradition in modern times
Samische Kultur – Traditionsbewahrung des Naturvolkes in der Moderne
Vildmarken – Europas sista vildmark ligger mitt i svenska Lappland
The wilderness – Europe`s last wilderness is located in the middle of Swedish-Lapland
Die Wildnis – Europas letzte Wildnis liegt mitten in Schwedisch-Lappland
Mystiskt ljus – där Europa erbjuder midnattssol och norrsken
Mysterious lights – where Europe offers midnight sun and northern lights
Mystisches Licht – wo Europa Mitternachtssonne und Nordlicht bietet
Renar – världens äldsta hjortart är även samernas nyttodjur
Reindeers – the worlds eldest deer species also is the usefull animal of the Sami
Rentiere – die älteste Hirschart der Welt ist auch das Nutztier der Samen
Kall idyll – typisk midvinterdag med massor av snö och torr kyla
Cold idyll – typical midwinter day with masses of snow and dry colderness
Kalte Idylle – typischer Mittwintertag mit Schneemassen und trockener Kälte
Hundspannstur – med Huskiehundarna uppleva vidden och tystnaden i vildmarken
Dog-sledging – to experience distance and quietness of the wilderness with huskies
Hundeschlittentour – mit den Huskies die Weite und Stille der Wildnis erleben
Kontrasternas rike – där Sverige fascinerar med imponerande motsatser
Kingdom of contrasts – where Sweden is fascinating with impressive contrasts
Reich der Kontraste – wo Schweden mit eindrucksvollen Gegensätzen fasziniert
Norrsken – inhemskt skådespel för mycket mindre än 1% av världens befolkning
Northern lights – local spectacle for much less then 1% of the world population
Nordlicht – heimisches Schauspiel für weit weniger als 1% der Weltbevölkerung
Skoternöje – med teknikens hjälp uppleva den vilda vita naturen
Snowmobile fun – experiencing the wild white nature with technical support
Schneemobilfreuden – mit technischer Hilfe die wilde weisse Natur erleben
Midnattssol – naturskådespel under de ljusa lappländska sommarnätterna
Midnight sun – natural spectacle in bright lapp summernights
Mitternachtssonne – Naturschauspiel in den hellen lappländischen Sommernächten
Vinterglädje – stor mångfald av upplevelser i snön från december till april
Winter pleasure – various snowy activities between December and April
Wintervergnügen – große Erlebnisvielfalt im Schnee von Dezember bis April
Biltestsäsong – i kölden på is och snö prövas fordonen hårt
Season of car tests – tough vehicle checks in arctic temp. on ice and snow
Autotestsaison – in der Kälte auf Eis und Schnee werden die Fahrzeuge hart erprobt