Xiao’s 1th Travel Report

23/5 – 24/5, flights to Kathmandu

Hello dear friends, with all the lovely wishes from you I startade my trip. Taking farewell was tearful, but hopeful and heartful too.
📍Stuttgart airport, 23/5
🇩🇪 Hallo liebe Freunde, mit all den lieben Wünschen von euch habe ich meine Reise angetreten. Der Abschied war tränenreich, aber auch hoffnungsvoll und voller Herz.
On the way I had to change planes to three countries, Austria, Saudi Arabia and Dubai.
📍Wien airport shuttle bus
🇩🇪 Auf dem Weg dorthin musste ich in drei Ländern das Flugzeug wechseln: Österreich, Saudi-Arabien und Dubai.
Above the clouds, I was listening to a song, it says, „You are forever pure, You are forever true, and the dream of this world can never touch you. So give up your attachment, and give up your confusion, and fly to that space, that’s beyond all illusion…“
📍Dammam Airport, Saudi arabian
Areas that appear to have been abandoned by humans. In front of nuture, human beings are less capable than desirable. Gottseidank.
A syrien friend I made in airplane.
📍Shajha airport, Dubai, 24/5
He wrote on my diary book, „A coincidental encounter is better than thousand meeting.“
📍Above Kanthmandu
📍Kanthmandu airport
On the way to my hostel. Got picked up by the driver from hostel
After a long journey of 23 hours, I finally arrived in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, exhausted but happy
📍Restup Hostel, Kanthmandu
On the rooftop of hostel.
It will be a good rest place here. I do not have any plan for the time here, just go with the flow and see what will happen to me.
Namaste. 🙏🏼❤️

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